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Our Available Storage Units

Rent Self Storage Units in Savannah, GA

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* Internet Storage Special, If You Found Us From the Internet Let Us Know to Get Your 3rd & 6th Month Free!

(Minimum 1 year Rental Required)

IF YOU DO NOT SEE THE SIZE UNIT AVAILABLE BELOW THAT YOU WANT WE CAN PROVIDE A COMBINATION OF UNITS TO FIT YOUR SQUARE FOOTAGE NEEDS.  HERE ARE ALL OF OUR UNIT SIZES:  5.0x7.0x10.0,  7.0x10.0x10.0,  8.0x10.0x10.0,  8.0x15.0x10.0,  10.0x20.0x10.0,  10.0x30.0x10.0,  13.0x30.0x10.0,  Vehicle storage (12.0x30.0), Park and 5x7 Storage (22.0x30.0)


Small 5x5

35sq.ft. 350 cubic ft.
Run out of closet space
store overflow in this unit.

$50 / month

Vehicle storage (12.0x30.0)

Small image 10x30 parking boat outdoor

Parking for vehicles, boats and trailers.

$60 / month

Park and Storage (30.0x22.0)

Small imag0406

Outside Parking for vehicles, boats and trailers with 5' x 7' Covered Storage Shed.

$100 / month

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Small 5x10 with furniture 2

70sq.ft. 700 cubic ft.
Store dorm room items
over the summer.

$55 / month

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Small 10x10 with furniture

80sq.ft. 800 cubic ft.
Will usually hold one room of furniture

$65 / month


Small 10x15 with furniture

120sq.ft. 1200 cubic ft. and 6ft. wide roll up door
Several average rooms of furniture will usually fit.

$85 / month


Small 10x20 with furniture

200sq.ft. 2000 cubic ft. and 8ft. wide roll up door. May store up to 4 or 5 rooms or a small car.

$130 / month

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Small 10x30 with furniture

300sq.ft. 3000 cubic ft. and 8ft. wide roll up door. Will hold one moving van. A 40ft. moving van has only 2560 cubic ft.

$155 / month

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Small 12x30

390sq.ft. 3900 cubic ft. and two 8ft. wide roll up doors, one at each end.
Holds a little more than a 40ft. moving van.

$180 / month

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